For Our Families

For Our Families

Some NH families face an ongoing challenge of juggling the bills associated with their basic daily needs. Some families face daunting choices of which expenses to pay and which needs (medicine, dental, food, transportation) to postpone or go without. To the extent that NH Solar Shares can help reduce the cost of utility services for a family, these challenges will be reduced.

Many NH homeowners adopt rooftop solar PV technology as a means of providing some measure of stability to their home energy needs and helping to achieve their environmental sustainability goals. NH Solar Shares wants to share the sun with low income families so they have the same opportunity to be included in this up and coming energy source which will give them access to similar benefits that their neighbors with solar panels already enjoy.

Families that are interested in energy conservation and offsetting some of their electricity usage with solar PV energy are invited to sign up for NH Solar Shares. (Link to Family Sign Up page) The income eligibility guidelines will be based on other NH fuel assistance programs. If eligible families will then see a solar energy credit on their electric bill for a predetermined share of the value of the solar produced by the PV array in their community. Worked in to the program will be an additional bill credit for meeting energy conservation goals. NH Solar Shares is exploring ways that low income families can invest in the solar arrays for long term solar savings.

How to sign up?

Thank you for your interest. We need to build the first NH Solar Shares PV array before we can open up the program to interested families.  Please watch this site in the coming months for an announcement about when sign-ups will begin. 

 This program is for New Hampshire families who have an electricity account with the NH Electric Cooperative and are struggling to meet their daily cost of living.  The number of families who can sign up will be small as the program is new but with every solar array we build the number of families that can sign up will increase too. 

 Families who sign up should also have an interest in learning more about energy conservation and possess a desire to offset some of their electricity use with solar energy. Meanwhile,

 Learn more about solar photovoltaic (PV) energy by clicking here and here.

 NH Solar Shares encourages all NH families to strive to conserve energy in their home. Saving our natural resources helps our environment and therefore our wildlife.  Here is a link to the National Wildlife’s tips on Conserving Energy in Your Home.