For the Planet

For the Planet

For the Environment- NH Solar Shares’ initial goal is to install three PV arrays totaling over 125kW. This amount of solar generated electricity is estimated to reduce CO2 emissions by over 100 tons per year annually (based on a typical power resource mix of today’s NH Electric Cooperative generation)  and would generate approximately 120 Class II renewable energy certificates annually.

Siting solar PV arrays in a way that is environmentally responsible is important to NH Solar Shares. NH Solar Shares will work with the land host, local volunteers and environmentalists to install each array with careful and creative planning with the goal of looking for ways to increase the social, educational and cultural impact of each community’s project.

“As the effects of climate change become more apparent in our state and on our native wildlife populations, the need to reduce CO2 emissions through increased generation of renewable energy becomes more important. We applaud this initiative and its positive outcomes for NH’s natural environment.” Iain MacLeod, Director, Squam Lake Natural Science Center, Holderness, NH

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